What Causes Low Back Pain After Squats?

What Causes Low Back Pain After Squats

Usually, experiencing low back pain after squats is a sign that your form is not good. When you have poor form with a squat, the weight is transferred to your back rather than your glutes and quads. Let's talk about why you're having back pain after squats, and how to avoid it. First of all, squats are not a bad or particularly dangerous exercise. ...

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Neck Pain After Car Accident: Causes, Treatment & What to Do

Neck Pain After Car Accident: Causes, Treatment & What to Do

If you're feeling neck pain after a car accident, you've likely suffered a neck injury. Your next steps determine whether you'll find healing or live with chronic pain. In this post, we'll cover: What causes neck pain after car accidents Other symptoms following a car accident How neck pain after car accidents is treated What you should do after an...

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Is a Hot Tub Good for Lower Back Pain?

Is a Hot Tub Good for Lower Back Pain

Yes, depending on the cause of your lower back pain, a hot tub can help you get some relief. In fact, there are several types of heating that can give you temporary relief. However, if there's an underlying injury causing your pain, it will always come back. In this post, we're going to look at the causes of low back pain. We're going to discuss ho...

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Worker’s Comp Chiropractor


If you're hurt at work, a chiropractor can help. Greenwood Village Chiropractor is a worker's comp chiropractor, accepting worker's compensation for those who have been injured on the job.  We Accept Worker's Comp Everyone in Colorado who is hurt on the job has the right to receive care paid by worker's compensation benefits. And while every b...

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How a Chiropractor Can Relieve Pregnancy Pain


Bringing a new little bundle of joy into your family is an extremely exciting and life-changing experience. However, many women end up suffering during their pregnancies because of unforeseen muscle pain they were not aware of. Backache and hip pain are some of the most common byproducts of pregnancy. About 50 to 80 percent of pregnant women suffer...

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How a Chiropractor Can Fix Pain from a Pinched Nerve


Have you been noticing muscle weakness in a certain area of your body? Does it feel like pins and needles are pricking your skin? Do you have numb hands and feet quite often? Or do you suffer from sharp burning pain in some part of your body that radiates to the surrounding area? These are warning signals that your body is sending to warn you of a ...

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How a Chiropractor Can Relieve Lower Back Pain


How a Chiropractor Can Relieve Lower Back Pain Do you suffer from chronic lower back pain? Do you find it hard to sit for long? Is this pain bothering you for more than 1-2 weeks? If you are suffering from chronic lower back pain, you are not alone. Lower back pain is one of the most common health conditions that people suffer from. You may be cons...

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Back Pain After Car Accidents: Symptoms & Treatment


Have you experienced back pain from a car accident? Three million people in the U.S. are injured in car accidents every year, and many of these injuries can lead to chronic pain long after the crash. In this post, we're going to look at some common back injuries after car accidents, and how you might be able to get relief. Here's what we're going t...

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Can a Chiropractor Help with Your Migraines?


Can a Chiropractor Help with Your Migraines? How many ways have you tried to make your migraines go away? Maybe you've sacrificed the foods you love because you think they are a trigger. Maybe you've started taking supplements or tried a dozen home remedies. What if there was a scientifically-proven way to lessen the pain of your migraines? Imagine...

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5 Ways to Avoid Back Pain while Working from Home


The COVID-19 pandemic has had many impacts to society beyond the effects of the virus itself. As you might expect, one poll found that nearly 75% of people find themselves sitting more. With remote working and learning, along with fear of the virus, Coloradans are becoming more sedentary. That's a problem, particularly for older people. Sitting aro...

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What is Whiplash?


Whiplash is one of the most common injuries from car accidents and other traumatic events. If you've recently been in some sort of accident and you're feeling neck pain, you might be suffering from a whiplash injury. If you have questions about what to do next, you've come to the right place. Before we jump in, remember that a chiropractor can help...

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