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Is chronic pain preventing you from living life to the fullest? Dr. Leach is a chiropractor in Denver Tech Center who can give you long-lasting pain relief. Schedule your $79 new patient special now!

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If neck, back or hip pain are making you miserable, we can help. Dr. Leach uses scientifically proven chiropractic treatments to address the underlying conditions that are causing your pain.

Conditions Treated

If you’re like many of the patients searching for a chiropractor in Denver, you’re probably experiencing chronic pain because of an underlying condition. Some of the common conditions our patients are experiencing include:


Trauma from an injury

Sciatica problems

Migraine headaches

Chemical toxicity

Disc problems

Pregnancy-related pain

Carpal tunnel syndrome

If you think you’re suffering from the above conditions, or have simply been dealing with pain for a long time, chiropractic adjustments and care can likely help get you long-lasting results.


Long-Term Healing

Many Denver chiropractors offer adjustments, but not all provide long-term chiropractic care. Adjustments provide relief for now, but without ongoing care your body will not heal from the underlying condition causing your pain. Dr. Leach uses imaging and other techniques to uncover that underlying condition. His treatment plan includes chiropractic adjustments, therapeutic massage, nutrition consulting and other proven methods of helping your body heal.


If you’re a new patient with Greenwood Village Chiropractor, you can take advantage of our $79 new patient special. You’ll get:

  • Chiropractic exam and consultation
  • Imaging to uncover underlying conditions
  • FREE one-hour therapeutic massage

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When it comes to finding the right chiropractor, Denver Tech Center’s patients can depend on Greenwood Village Chiropractor for long-lasting pain relief.

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