The Benefits of Chiropractic Massage Therapy


If you suffer from chronic muscle tightness, back pain, limited mobility, or sports injuries, the integrated treatment approach of chiropractic massage may help. Combining targeted spinal adjustments with therapeutic massage techniques provides comprehensive relief.

Keep reading to learn more about what chiropractic massage involves, how it works to relieve pain, conditions it treats, and what to expect during treatment sessions.

What is Chiropractic Massage Therapy?

Chiropractic massage combines two complementary treatment modalities:

  • Spinal manipulation - The chiropractor performs precise adjustments to restore alignment and mobility to vertebrae. This relieves joint dysfunction, nerve impingement, and muscle tension.
  • Massage techniques - Various hands-on massage methods are used to relax muscles, increase circulation, improve range of motion, and reduce pain.

This dual approach enhances overall musculoskeletal system health. The massage therapies help reinforce the benefits of the spinal adjustments through the session.

Chiropractors may offer different massage techniques including Swedish massage, sports massage, trigger point therapy, or myofascial release. Massage therapy may precede adjustments or be incorporated after.

How Chiropractic Massage Therapy Works

Chiropractic massage delivers multiple benefits:

  • Chiropractic adjustments realign the spine to improve mobility, decompress nerves, and reduce pain signals.
  • Massage increases blood flow to bring oxygen and nutrients to muscles and joints. This speeds healing.
  • Knotted muscles are deeply relaxed through massage, releasing chronic tension and spasms.
  • Gentle stretching and mobilization enhances range of motion.
  • Recovery is supported between chiropractic visits through increased flexibility.
  • Massage also enhances mind-body relaxation.

The combination restores proper musculoskeletal function for overall pain relief and wellness.

Conditions Chiropractic Massage Can Help Treat

Integrated chiropractic and massage therapy effectively treats many conditions including:

  • Chronic back and neck pain
  • Pinched nerves or radiculopathy
  • Sciatica
  • Arthritis
  • Disc injuries
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Jaw pain and TMJ dysfunction
  • Sprains and strains
  • Tendonitis
  • Rotator cuff injuries
  • Poor posture
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Muscle cramps and spasms

If your condition involves nerve impingement, joint dysfunction, muscle tightness, limited mobility, or chronic pain, chiropractic massage may help.

What to Expect During Chiropractic Massage Sessions

Chiropractic massage sessions follow a structured protocol. The initial visit involves:

  • Health history review and discussion of your condition
  • Physical and orthopedic exams to evaluate posture and mobility
  • Neurological testing if nerve involvement is suspected
  • Soft tissue palpation checking for muscle tightness and trigger points
  • Review of massage therapy options most beneficial for your issues
  • Gentle spinal adjustments with massage incorporated before or after
  • Recommendations for exercises, stretches, and self-massage to do between visits

Follow-up sessions include brief reassessment, spinal manipulation, massage therapy, and patient education. Your chiropractor may also use instrument-assisted soft tissue manipulation or other advanced hands-on techniques.

Kinds of Massage Therapy Combined With Chiropractic

Chiropractors often offer a variety of massage techniques:

  • Swedish massage – Uses kneading, circular motions, and long stroking movements to relax muscles. Helps loosen tight, painful areas.
  • Trigger point therapy – Focuses on deactivating "knots" in muscles causing referred pain. May use ischemic compression.
  • Active release technique – The chiropractor moves the patient's joints through range of motion while applying massage to release adhesions. Helps painful conditions like carpal tunnel.
  • Myofascial release – Uses gentle, sustained pressure to release fascia restriction and scar tissue interfering with mobility.
  • Neuromuscular therapy – Targets individual nerves and trigger points to relieve muscle pain and spasms through ischemic pressure and massage.

Any of these massage techniques may be incorporated before or after chiropractic adjustments to enhance treatment effectiveness.

Key Benefits of Chiropractic Massage for Muscle Pain

Chiropractic massage offers multiple advantages for alleviating chronic muscular tightness and pain:

  • Massage increases circulation, delivering fresh oxygenated blood to muscle tissues. This improves healing.
  • It helps stretch and elongate tightened, shortened muscles and surrounding fascia.
  • Massage techniques like myofascial release gentle break up adhesions between muscle fibers.
  • Trigger point therapy deactivates knots through compression and releases restricted nerve endings.
  • Hands-on massage creates deep warmth and relaxation in muscle tissues.
  • Chiropractic adjustments restore mobility to restricted joints that muscles attach to.

The combined impact of massage and spinal manipulation provides significant, cumulative relief for stubborn muscle pain and loss of function.

Enhanced Benefits of Chiropractic Massage for Back and Neck Pain

Chiropractic massage is especially helpful for back and neck conditions often involving both joint dysfunction and severe muscular tightness:

  • For compressed spinal nerves causing radiating pain, massage to adjacent muscles helps amplify the benefits of joint adjustment.
  • Massage increases mobility around vertebral joints that chiropractic manipulation targets.
  • Trigger point work to neck and back muscles eases local tension putting strain on the spine.
  • Myofascial stretching regains lost flexibility from chronically tensed muscles.
  • Poor posture resulting from back pain is improved through muscular relaxation.
  • Massage enhances blood flow to aid recovery of strained soft tissues around vertebrae.

The comprehensive approach addresses every factor contributing to debilitating back and neck pain.

Choosing a Chiropractor Offering Massage Therapy

If considering chiropractic massage therapy, look for a chiropractor who:

  • Has years of experience providing both chiropractic and massage therapy.
  • Employs multiple massage techniques like trigger point therapy and myofascial release instead of just basic Swedish massage.
  • Uses advanced soft tissue manipulation methods.
  • Has acquired advanced certifications and training in massage therapy.
  • Collaborates closely with patients' other healthcare providers.
  • Uses massage hand-in-hand with spinal adjustments for optimal results.
  • Understands neurological interactions between muscles, joints, and nerves.

Finding a skilled chiropractic massage therapist delivers superior pain relief.

Achieve Comprehensive Pain Relief and Healing

For those suffering from chronic neck or back pain, headaches, limited mobility, injuries, or other musculoskeletal problems, chiropractic massage could provide lasting relief when other methods have failed.

The combination of targeted spinal manipulation and therapeutic massage addresses key factors like nerve impingement, joint dysfunction, muscle tightness, trigger points, and decreased flexibility for complete healing.

To experience the pain-relieving benefits of integrated massage and chiropractic adjustment, schedule an appointment with Dr. Leach of Greenwood Village Chiropractor. Recovery and comfort are possible through their customized massage and spinal correction treatments.

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