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If you’re searching for a chiropractor for neck pain, Denver Tech Center trusts Dr. Leach. Find out how chiropractic care and therapeutic massage can lead to long-lasting relief from neck pain. Schedule an appointment today!


Chiropractor for Neck Pain

If you’re a new patient, Greenwood Village Chiropractor offers a $79 new patient special that includes x-ray imaging, a chiropractic exam and a free one-hour massage. In your first visit, Dr. Leach will identify the source of your neck pain and design a treatment plan to give you long-lasting relief.

If you’re wondering how a chiropractor can help you get relief from neck pain, lets take a look at some of the common causes of neck pain, and how a chiropractor can help.

What are common causes of neck pain?

There are several conditions that can cause chronic neck pain. Here are some of the common ones:

  • Injury: Whether it’s a neck strain or whiplash, trauma to the neck can cause immediate as well chronic neck pain that disrupts your daily life
  • Inflammation: Any type of inflammation can lead to nerve compression and chronic pain. Inflammation can be caused by anything from diet to stress and injury.
  • Disc problems: Bulging or slipped discs, as well as degenerative disc disease, can lead to long-term neck pain
  • Poor posture: Many people who sit at a desk all day long with poor posture can develop chronic neck pain
  • Arthritis: As you age, the cartilage in your body degenerates, leading to inflammation and bone-on-bone contact. This is known as osteoarthritis, and can cause neck pain

Fortunately, a chiropractor for neck pain can give you long-term relief so that you can return to your favorite daily activities.

How can a chiropractor treat neck pain?

The first way that a chiropractor can help you is by identifying the source of your pain. Some chiropractors for neck pain treat the symptoms without understanding what is causing the symptoms to begin with.

Our treatment for neck pain may include:

  • Chiropractic adjustments: A chiropractor adjusts your spine so that it can return to its normal position and function, leading to pain relief and increased mobility
  • Therapeutic massage: Therapeutic massage reduces inflammation and provides pain relief. When combined with chiropractic, massage therapy is highly effective.
  • Exercises and home care: Depending on your condition, Dr. Leach may provide you with home care advice including exercises to increase your mobility and decrease pain.
  • Nutrition advice: Some foods cause more inflammation than others. Since inflammation is a common source of pain, Dr. Leach may provide dietary advice

Dr. Leach will create a personalized treatment plan based on your unique situation. Many of our patients begin feeling relief after their first visit.

Is chiropractic treatment safe?

There are many misconceptions about chiropractors for neck pain. Chiropractic care is widely recognized as one of the most effective therapies for treating conditions that result in chronic pain. While no treatment is 100% safe, most patients feel no pain after chiropractic adjustments. In fact, most of our patients report feeling relief soon after treatment.


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